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I guess I've been in Seattle almost exactly two weeks now, and someone is asking for an lj post about it. :P So this is going to just be a jumble of thoughts...

It's pretty nice here (score: rain 2, sun 12), although I've mostly stuck to a small area of town next to campus. The University of Washington campus is amazingly beautiful. Since I don't have a camera, you'll have to make do with other people's pictures of it... the library looks like a cathedral for some reason. This picture makes it look a bit surreal...

Oh, and here are some of the physics building. I don't really spend that much time there. There are seminars in the morning, but I find it depressing to work/study in an office too much... Being outside or in a coffee shop is much more pleasant, less internet-connected, and thus, more productive.

It's kind of weird eating lunch/supper in a restaurant almost every single day. The first thing I had was pho. There are maybe a billion places in seattle which serve pho, and only pho. It's ok, and it's cheap, but I've avoided it since. (I get 25$/day to eat, which is way more than enough. If I was spending my own money on food it might seem more appealing.) Now I rotate through a few places; I think I've had thai food more than anything else.

There was a street fair this weekend in the university district. It was pretty much exactly like the woodland arts fair, except bigger, and on the street. There were stalls selling jewelry, ceramics, food and so on; there was a secular humanist booth and an atheist booth; and there were a few performers. I saw this guy playing a harmonica with a guitar behind his head while hoola-hooping. He could also balance the guitar on his chin, but that was pretty much the sum of his talent.

Since I'm tired, and I doubt anyone wants to hear about vacuum polarization (which is what was on my mind most of today), that's it for now.

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